How We Moved to Seattle...

Kids, back in 2012, God led your mother and I to move us all to Seattle...

Now, I know what you're thinking, why would we do that? Dad had a good job, we were going to a great church, and we had a ton of friends (including two little girls named Ruth for you Boaz, sorry about that...) 

Well, we had to go where God was taking us. After I got accepted to school at Re:Train, we had to make a decision. God promised to us that he would provide for us, though He didn't neccessarily give us all the details, He asked us to step out in faith.

So I started to look for a job. At the same time, the company I was working for started to have a lot of trouble. We prayed a lot for them because a lot of people lost their jobs. By God's grace, there was an opportunity for me to work for a great company called Apple (the ones who make your iPhone 14). It took a LONG time, and a LOT of interviews, delays, and hold ups, but that was just God working on our faith and showing us how much we need to trust Him in all things. 

God blessed us so much through our friends and family in Montana. They supported us in paying for tuition at my school, they helped us to pack and move out of our apartment, and they prayed so hard for us as we went on our way. We still love them all and visit them whenever we can and thank God for every single one of them.

Once we got here, things didn't necessarily get easier overnight. The apartment we were in was really small. Boaz, you had a really hard time adjusting because nothing was familiar so you clung to us a lot. I had to wait a lot longer than I thought to start my job, so we weren't able yet to go and do a lot of the fun things that we wanted to do in our new city. But God was very faithful, He always came through just when He knew that we needed His help the most. 

My school went very well, I learned SO much. I had great teachers, read some amazing books, and studied with some awesome men. It was a lot of work because I hadn't been to school in a long time, but God gave me strength and helped me to study hard and grow in my knowledge and worship of Him. 

The best part of our new home was the great church that we joined, Mars Hill. The pastor was so thoughtful, he Facebook stalked us before we arrived so that on our first day there, he greeted us at the door by name. We felt really loved right away and got into community groups so that we could make new friends and worship Jesus. We even got to meet Pastor Mark in our first week here and he prayed for you Boaz. 

All in all kids, it was a period of lives that we will never forget. We missed our friends and family dearly. We couldn't wait to go back and visit them. We grew closer as a family than we'd ever been before. Your mom and I had to preach the gospel to each other regularly to remind ourselves of God's promises and faithfulness. Boaz, you grew up a lot, learned so many new things, and got to experience more cultures and people than I ever did as a little boy. We're so grateful for that time and love that we serve a God who is worth the sacrifice and good enough to make it into a blessing.


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